TED – Ideas worth spreading

On Friday, during a coaching session, a client mentioned a website www.ted.com, he became animated as he described the inspiring speakers he had found.  On Saturday, whilst snatching a quick coffee & some ‘me’ time I came across a newspaper article about a key player in the TED organisation. On Sunday, I made sure I had time to check out the site…it was time well spent.

The straplines are “ideas worth spreading” and “riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world”; the content doesn’t disappoint. There is a wealth of talks to choose from whether you want to hear something courageous, eg Steve Jobs – How to live before you die or want to be inspired eg Colin Powell – Kids need structure, there is something for everyone.

We particularly liked Simon Sinek talk on “How great leaders inspire action” – the messages were simple, insightful and reinforced the importance of leaders focusing on why we do things as much as what & how we do it.

If you need a boost this grey Monday morning, a 15 minute visit to www.ted.com could be a very effective way to kick start your week.

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