360 Feedback

What is 360 Feedback?

360 feedback provides information on your performance from a number of sources.  Your performance is assessed against a set of generic criteria, covering the key skills & attributes required to be a business leader or manager.

What is the process?

Normally 8 to 10 people are invited to become your ‘raters’ and complete the on-line questionnaire.  You choose who to invite. We recommend you choose a good cross section of people who work with you and who have regular and reasonably close contact; this group could include business partners, direct reports, team members, external contacts including suppliers and customers.  You also complete a questionnaire yourself.  The whole process is anonymous and the feedback is presented back to you by your coach and you will be given a detailed report to keep.

Why do it?

360 feedback provides valuable information on how others assess your performance; we find raters give more comprehensive & honest feedback because the process is anonymous. You can compare the feedback with your own opinions & compare between sources e.g. compare your customers’ view with your team’s views.  Working with your coach you will be able to identify opportunities to develop and where you want to focus your own development.

One client sums up his experience – “Completing the 360 feedback was a confidence boost & a wake-up call at the same time!  It reinforced where my strengths were but also showed me where I needed to change & the impact this could have both for my business & myself.”