Golden Type Personality Profiler

What is it?

Personality is the essence of who you are as a unique individual.  It is reflected in what you say, how you feel about yourself, how you act, and how you choose to live your life.  We typically have preferences in the way we behave in each of these areas and these preferences tend to reflect what comes naturally to us.

The Golden Personality Type Profiler (GPTP) is a tool, which identifies your personality preferences in these areas within a work context, as well as identifying how you respond to stress in your daily life.

What is the process?

You will be invited to complete a questionnaire on line, which generally takes no more than 30 minutes to complete.

A detailed report will be produced by the test providers, which will be sent to your coach.  The day before your next coaching session, we will send you a copy of your report by email to give you an opportunity to review the report in advance.  We will then use the coaching session to go through the report together and discuss the feedback in detail.

Only you, your coach and the test providers, will see the results of the assessment; it is your decision how much, if anything, you share with others.

Why do it?

Knowing your personality characteristics will help you better understand your actions, feelings & relationships with others.  By gaining insight into your work personality, it will help you develop a:-

  • Deeper understanding of your strengths & growth opportunities
  • Clearer picture of how your behaviour impacts others, and
  • Better appreciation for people’s personal styles and how to interact with them effectively.

As one client put it ‘The profiler was the best ‘tool’ I have experienced, I have found myself discussing it with other clients/people. I certainly see myself differently & look at people differently rather than seeing black & white.”

Source: Golden Personality Type Profiler, NCS Pearson Inc