Leadership & organisation consultancy

Our consultancy work focuses on…

Supporting organisation as they grow

For many of our SME clients, growth is a priority and with growth new challenges emerge. We work with you as you transform, helping to ensure everyone keeps engaged and productive.

Our systematic consultancy approach is coaching-led – you set the agenda, we provide the expertise and support you throughout the assignment.

Our consultancy assignments are varied from identifying values to employee engagement initiatives to defining talent strategies to designing organisation structures.

Developing leaders

The issues and motivations will be familiar to us but the context will be unique. We invest time to learn about your priorities and then work with you to identify how to align these, particularly business and leadership priorities.

Once the gaps are clear, we design a programme to meet your specific needs, focusing on mindset as well as skills. Always inspirational yet pragmatic, programmes include a combination of self-reflection, individual and team coaching as well as skill development. With the emphasis on sustainability, we encourage participants to continue learning as a cohort beyond their programme.

Building internal coach capability

Coaching is at the core of how we work with you and we believe when you as leaders put coaching at the core of how you work with your teams, you achieve extraordinary results. You see genuine empowerment and increased ownership, learning and productivity.

We work in partnership with organisations to develop internal coaching capability and embed a coaching culture. Our work includes coaching skill training for managers/leaders and internal coaches, developing coaching toolkits, mentoring the HR team and providing supervision.

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