The Intuito Way

We want to delight our clients & exceed their expectations; to explain how we achieve this we defined the Intuito Way.  It will give you a flavour of how we work with you as well as the values that underpin our business – focused, positive, pragmatic, insightful & intuitive.


  • You, your team and your business are the focus
  • We want you and your business to achieve your goals so you determine the agenda, we facilitate the process
  • We agree expectations and actions, and importantly review results


  • We start from your individual and team strengths & your business successes
  • We help you understand what “being at your best” means to you
  • We are success orientated & want you to enjoy the experience
  • We support as well as challenge


  • No-one understands your business better than you and your team
  • We empathise but recognise goals still need to be achieved
  • We ask tough questions & challenge your assumptions


  • Using our expertise and experience, we provide insights into you, your team & your business – you will have plenty of ‘IC’ moments
  • We help you reassess your work/life balance to ensure you are achieving what you want from life & work
  • We use psychometric tools e.g. Golden Type Personality Profiler, 360 Feedbackwhere they add value


  • We value intuition & believe this sixth sense gives you an edge
  • We give you confidence to listen to and value your intuition.