Case Study – Leadership Coaching

“You have been an inspiration to me. My goggles had steamed up and you’ve given them a wipe for me!! “

This was how a recent client summed up his coaching experience.

He runs a successful business, which he has continued to grow over the years predominantly through acquisition.  He is forward thinking – many of the practices/processes within his business are leading edge & he has built a strong team around him.

Why coaching? 

On a personal level, he felt he was working too hard, not always getting the results he expected and was struggling to get his work/life balance right.  He felt the weight of the responsibility for the business on his personal shoulders; others were looking to him to make decisions & relying on him to determine the direction of the business.

Impact of coaching

  • Changed focus to achieve specific results rather than working hard
  • Reduced working hours and achieved his work/life balance targets.
  • Changed approach to resource management placing greater emphasis on forward planning
  • Changed emphasis of management style from control to coach resulting in increased contribution & openness from the team
  • Increased personal energy & re-ignited personal ambitions

The client made these changes happens; we helped by giving him the space to identify the issues and to think/share ideas.  We challenged his thinking and helped him see the alternatives. We helped him identify what was important to him and what he wanted to achieve. We sought 360 feedback for him, which gave him insights into how others viewed him. We provided input on team management/development, business structure, meeting management & initiatives to encourage team engagement.