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Start with why?

It’s the week before Christmas; my thoughts are switching from delivering client work to thinking about the year ahead. 2016 has been a good year and the temptation is to aim for more. But, before deciding on the WHAT, I … Continue reading

Lies, lies and more lies

When was the last time you told a lie?  According to a recent survey in Personnel Management, 92% of HR professionals think they are being lied to every week.  Statistics reported on the Bloomberg BusinessWeek website, show that the average … Continue reading

Flexible working – Can you put the genie back in the bottle?

The newly appointed Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is trying just this and shocked the business world and her staff with the announcement last week banning the practice of working from home. The staff memo, which was leaked to the press, … Continue reading

Social Media – what impact is it having on your business?

The way we communicate both socially and in a business context continues to change; tweeting & blogging are now considered mainstream.  According to a recent survey in the US, within the next 5 years if your CEO doesn’t actively use … Continue reading

Are you engaged?

Valentine’s Day seems to be an appropriate day to be discussing engagement even if it isn’t marriage related!  In the UK we are being told we have an employee engagement deficit with only around one third of UK workers saying … Continue reading

Seb Coe’s Lessons in Leadership

Autobiographies are often a great source of insights into leadership – Seb Coe’s autobiography ‘Running my Life’ is no exception. In his book he describes his personal views on leadership; we particularly resonated with his six lessons learnt, during the … Continue reading

Should the working week be shortened?

The recent announcement that Gambia were shortening their working week and making Friday a rest day caused a flurry of reports & blogs.  To us, stipulating a Monday to Thursday work pattern goes against the 24/7 culture, which continues to … Continue reading

How well does your business respond to the needs of your customers?

Many organisations invest considerable sums of money to gather vast amounts of data on their customers but what do they do with all that data?  The success of Western Union, a money transfer business, makes interesting reading & supports the … Continue reading

What is the world you live in asking you to step up to?

Much is written about the uncertain world we live in and the need for us all both as individuals and as businesses to constantly adapt as the world around us changes. Technology is a major driver of change and changes … Continue reading