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When the going gets tough…..

Why is it that some people can bounce back from tough situations and others fold under the pressure and find it hard to recover?  According to Professor Martin Seligman, a expert in positive psychology, the answer is resilience; resilience is … Continue reading

What footprints will you leave?

Many years ago, I worked for an HR Director who was fixated by this question; he asked this question frequently of himself & those around him.  It was thought provoking then and twenty years on, I find myself regularly, using … Continue reading

Social Media – what impact is it having on your business?

The way we communicate both socially and in a business context continues to change; tweeting & blogging are now considered mainstream.  According to a recent survey in the US, within the next 5 years if your CEO doesn’t actively use … Continue reading

What is the world you live in asking you to step up to?

Much is written about the uncertain world we live in and the need for us all both as individuals and as businesses to constantly adapt as the world around us changes. Technology is a major driver of change and changes … Continue reading