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Listening – the undervalued skill

So much is written about the skill of communicating through words and yet research shows that as adults we spend on average 45% of our time listening compared to 30% speaking, 16% reading & 19% writing. * Research also suggests … Continue reading

The power of feedback

At its best, feedback is an incredible tool creating inspiration for the future; even unwanted feedback can become a trigger for positive change. Unfortunately, as coaches, we also see examples of this power being misused; feedback at its worse is … Continue reading

Addressing the elephant in the room

We have all experienced the elephant in the room – that situation where everyone seems to be avoiding a particular issue or subject; everyone knows it’s there and no wants to bring it up. At best the elephant is a … Continue reading

Networking is an art!

“Networking is easy if you’re beautiful, rich or the prime minister.”*  Fulfill any of those criteria & this blog isn’t for you.  If, on the other hand, you’re none of these, read on…. No matter how small or large your … Continue reading

Social Media – what impact is it having on your business?

The way we communicate both socially and in a business context continues to change; tweeting & blogging are now considered mainstream.  According to a recent survey in the US, within the next 5 years if your CEO doesn’t actively use … Continue reading

Leadership can be lonely – coaching can help.

How often do you read an article about the loneliness of being a leader? The concept of leadership loneliness, is not a recent revelation, even William Shakespeare wrote in King Henry IV part II ‘Uneasy lies the head that wears … Continue reading

Storytelling in Business

Listening to clips of Obama’s inauguration this week, reminded us of the power of storytelling & how some of the best leaders use this technique in business. Stories grab our attention, can inspire us & motivate us to take action. … Continue reading

Email – the hero or the villain?

Without doubt email has revolutionised the way we work but in our view not always for the better. Do these scenarios sound familiar?  Frustrated having spent too long agonising over the wording of an email and how it might be … Continue reading