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How loving what you do can you give you an edge

Steve Jobs will be remembered for many things but it’s something he said that will always resonate for me – “The only way to do great work is to love what you do”.  As a coach I have the privilege … Continue reading

Trust me – That’s all you need to know

As Donald Trump is discovering behaviours and actions have to match the words use! We know why Donald Trump is focussing on trust – trust makes the difference – not just in politics but in business too. The 2016 Edelman … Continue reading

Coaching to bring out the best (and free up your time!)

Coaching is what we do so it’s not surprising we talk about the rewards coaching can bring to anyone who will listen! Without doubt, some of the most rewarding work we do is helping managers experience for themselves the rewards … Continue reading

Is there room for niceness in leadership?

Even the so-called bad-boy of business, Michael O’Leary (CEO of Ryanair) has discovered that being nice to customers brings rewards; he recently told an audience of chief executives ‘It’s not enough to be the cheapest anymore. We need to be … Continue reading

Curiosity gives you the edge…

When we are curious, we see things differently; we use our powers of observations more fully and use our abilities to bring together disparate ideas in new and useful combinations. Importantly, we particularly want to know the answers to ‘why’, … Continue reading

How can we motivate to get greater results?

Many of us grew up, in a business context, with the concept of the carrot and the stick – perform well and you get reward ‘the carrot’, break the rules or perform badly and you get a punishment ‘the stick’. … Continue reading

What footprints will you leave?

Many years ago, I worked for an HR Director who was fixated by this question; he asked this question frequently of himself & those around him.  It was thought provoking then and twenty years on, I find myself regularly, using … Continue reading

Are you engaged?

Valentine’s Day seems to be an appropriate day to be discussing engagement even if it isn’t marriage related!  In the UK we are being told we have an employee engagement deficit with only around one third of UK workers saying … Continue reading

Should you make building a happy organisation your priority?

The latest research from the Institute of Leadership & Management suggests you should. Their report suggests that the happiness of your staff is a reliable indicator of their performance & unhappy staff are unlikely to be performing at their best. … Continue reading