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Coaching to bring out the best (and free up your time!)

Coaching is what we do so it’s not surprising we talk about the rewards coaching can bring to anyone who will listen! Without doubt, some of the most rewarding work we do is helping managers experience for themselves the rewards … Continue reading

The power of feedback

At its best, feedback is an incredible tool creating inspiration for the future; even unwanted feedback can become a trigger for positive change. Unfortunately, as coaches, we also see examples of this power being misused; feedback at its worse is … Continue reading

Successful leaders don’t need to have all the answers

Many think that successful leaders always know what to say and what action to take however if you talk to successful leaders they often don’t!  Like all us they have periods of feeling confused, discouraged & less confident; what’s interesting … Continue reading

Be true to yourself….

The textbooks would have us believe that all great leaders are true to themselves – in other words demonstrate great authenticity. And yet, when we work with leaders in transition – those recently appointed to more senior roles or changing … Continue reading

Goal setting for 2014

It’s that time of year when most people are thinking about what they want to achieve during the year whether personally or in business. Much has been written about how to set goals – SMART (Smart, Measurable, Agreed, Realistic, Timelined) … Continue reading

When the going gets tough…..

Why is it that some people can bounce back from tough situations and others fold under the pressure and find it hard to recover?  According to Professor Martin Seligman, a expert in positive psychology, the answer is resilience; resilience is … Continue reading

Why executive coaching?

If you have been following our blogs you will know that we try to offer “thoughts for the day” rather than use blogging as a way to promote what we do at Intuito Coaching, today is going to be unashamedly … Continue reading

Succeeding a legendary leader

Unless you operate in a media shutdown, you will know that Six Alex Ferguson has retired after holding the position of Manager at Manchester United after 26 years; there is no doubt that he is a legendary leader, Nick Robinson, … Continue reading

Executive Coaching delivers greatest impact

The economic climate continues to be uncertain.  Organisations continue with attempts to drive down costs and yet this has to be balanced with the need for skilled leadership; leadership to provide direction, guide decision-making and manage change. Without this leadership, … Continue reading

Coaching men v women

As I was wrapping up a coaching session earlier this month, my client turned to me and asked whether I thought there were any differences in coaching men and women.  I believe you coach a person rather than a gender … Continue reading