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Addressing the elephant in the room

We have all experienced the elephant in the room – that situation where everyone seems to be avoiding a particular issue or subject; everyone knows it’s there and no wants to bring it up. At best the elephant is a … Continue reading

Explaining Intuition

We are fascinated by intuition particularly the power of its application, but what about the science behind it? Modern neuroscience explains that we have two minds, one analytical and the other intuitive giving us the potential to be cognitively ambidextrous.  … Continue reading

The Power of Patience

Have you noticed how impatient we have all become? We are all too used to immediate results from emails zipping around the world in seconds to finding the latest information on virtually anything with a click of a mouse. As … Continue reading

Pause for Thought

As a team, we regularly brainstorm to identify topics for our blog – we want the blogs to be insightful and/or thought provoking as well as topical and relevant to business leaders.  This week we all identified the value of … Continue reading

What’s the role of intuition in your job?

This question was put to Tim Cook, Apple CEO during an interview in December 2012.  His response… “It’s critical. It’s extremely critical.  The most important things in life whether they are personal or professional, are decided on intuition. I think … Continue reading