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How loving what you do can you give you an edge

Steve Jobs will be remembered for many things but it’s something he said that will always resonate for me – “The only way to do great work is to love what you do”.  As a coach I have the privilege … Continue reading

What will be your leadership legacy?

This week Barack Obama has given his farewell address; it was his opportunity to spell out what he had achieved during office, which by his own admission is only 70-75% of what he intended.   In a recent poll, 57% of … Continue reading

Is she too introverted to be an effective leader?

This was a question posed by a client earlier this week, when considering an external candidate for a senior role – it prompted a debate on the merits of both extroverted and introverted leaders. Let me briefly set the scene… … Continue reading

Trust me – That’s all you need to know

As Donald Trump is discovering behaviours and actions have to match the words use! We know why Donald Trump is focussing on trust – trust makes the difference – not just in politics but in business too. The 2016 Edelman … Continue reading

Listening – the undervalued skill

So much is written about the skill of communicating through words and yet research shows that as adults we spend on average 45% of our time listening compared to 30% speaking, 16% reading & 19% writing. * Research also suggests … Continue reading

Successful leaders don’t need to have all the answers

Many think that successful leaders always know what to say and what action to take however if you talk to successful leaders they often don’t!  Like all us they have periods of feeling confused, discouraged & less confident; what’s interesting … Continue reading

Courageous leadership and taking the blame

Rarely do we see 3 high profile leaders resign within the space of hours but then rarely has the result of the UK general election surprised so many. Putting aside the politics, what interested us, was how the leadership resignations … Continue reading

Be true to yourself….

The textbooks would have us believe that all great leaders are true to themselves – in other words demonstrate great authenticity. And yet, when we work with leaders in transition – those recently appointed to more senior roles or changing … Continue reading

Getting the boss to buy-in

One of the toughest challenges for a newly appointed manager is working out how to get the boss to buy-in to their ideas, particularly when the boss is the CEO and founder of the business. This was the dilemma facing … Continue reading

Is there room for niceness in leadership?

Even the so-called bad-boy of business, Michael O’Leary (CEO of Ryanair) has discovered that being nice to customers brings rewards; he recently told an audience of chief executives ‘It’s not enough to be the cheapest anymore. We need to be … Continue reading