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Great things never come from comfort zones….

Or do they?! Recently I have been pushing the boundaries of my own comfort zone and wanted to share what I have learnt. For those of you who have read my previous blogs, you will notice that this writing style … Continue reading

GRIT – the greatest predictor of success?

What does it take to be successful in today’s world? Well according to Angela Duckworth from the University of Pennsylvania, the answer is GRIT.   Grit personifies the power of passion and perseverance – it’s all to do with mindset and … Continue reading

New Year, new beginnings…what about celebrating the successes first?

As New Year begins, the media is awash with articles on all the changes we should be making to our lives this January to become fitter, slimmer, more this, less that etc. etc. The focus is on starting afresh rather … Continue reading

Curiosity gives you the edge…

When we are curious, we see things differently; we use our powers of observations more fully and use our abilities to bring together disparate ideas in new and useful combinations. Importantly, we particularly want to know the answers to ‘why’, … Continue reading

Bouncing back from failure

A tough economic climate may be changing our attitudes towards failure.  Historically there has been a stigma around business failure however it seems that attitudes may be changing.  Many entrepreneurs bounce back after failure according to Deniz Ucbasaran*, professor of … Continue reading

TED – Ideas worth spreading

On Friday, during a coaching session, a client mentioned a website www.ted.com, he became animated as he described the inspiring speakers he had found.  On Saturday, whilst snatching a quick coffee & some ‘me’ time I came across a newspaper … Continue reading

Unwanted Gifts

Post Christmas there has been much in the press about unwanted gifts & what to do with them – exchange them, put them on e-bay, re-gift, give to a charity shop or re-cycle.  One article even talked about a new … Continue reading