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Time to celebrate

Do you take time to celebrate your successes? It’s something we talk to our clients about regularly whether we are coaching or consulting. Only this week, it dawned on me that we need to do some celebrating of our own. … Continue reading

Explaining Intuition

We are fascinated by intuition particularly the power of its application, but what about the science behind it? Modern neuroscience explains that we have two minds, one analytical and the other intuitive giving us the potential to be cognitively ambidextrous.  … Continue reading

Bouncing back from failure

A tough economic climate may be changing our attitudes towards failure.  Historically there has been a stigma around business failure however it seems that attitudes may be changing.  Many entrepreneurs bounce back after failure according to Deniz Ucbasaran*, professor of … Continue reading

Setting Expectations

The Met Office got it right – they forecast snow, pinpointed the areas of the UK that would get worse hit & issued colour-coded warnings accordingly.  As a result, all of us, from the local councils to transport companies to … Continue reading

How meaningful are corporate values?

We often work with corporates and individuals to help them define their values – what’s important to them in the way they live/work/conduct business. The tricky part is then doing what you say you do!  In other words actions have … Continue reading