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What will be your leadership legacy?

This week Barack Obama has given his farewell address; it was his opportunity to spell out what he had achieved during office, which by his own admission is only 70-75% of what he intended.   In a recent poll, 57% of … Continue reading

Start with why?

It’s the week before Christmas; my thoughts are switching from delivering client work to thinking about the year ahead. 2016 has been a good year and the temptation is to aim for more. But, before deciding on the WHAT, I … Continue reading

Trust me – That’s all you need to know

As Donald Trump is discovering behaviours and actions have to match the words use! We know why Donald Trump is focussing on trust – trust makes the difference – not just in politics but in business too. The 2016 Edelman … Continue reading

Be true to yourself….

The textbooks would have us believe that all great leaders are true to themselves – in other words demonstrate great authenticity. And yet, when we work with leaders in transition – those recently appointed to more senior roles or changing … Continue reading

Is there room for niceness in leadership?

Even the so-called bad-boy of business, Michael O’Leary (CEO of Ryanair) has discovered that being nice to customers brings rewards; he recently told an audience of chief executives ‘It’s not enough to be the cheapest anymore. We need to be … Continue reading

Empowerment – is it just dressed up delegation?

Look at any current management or leadership book and empowerment is mentioned, and for many organisations empowerment is an integral part of their leadership ethos, but what is it that makes empowerment different to delegation?  This question sparked an interesting … Continue reading

Being a giver can bring surprising results

When you meet someone for the first time, what is going through your mind? Are you thinking how can they help you in your own business? Or are you thinking how can we help each other? Or are you thinking … Continue reading

Internships – a challenge to our values?

On a daily basis our personal values are challenged by the situations we face or the decisions we are asked to make, particularly if our personal values are not aligned with the values of the organisations employing us. As a … Continue reading

How can we motivate to get greater results?

Many of us grew up, in a business context, with the concept of the carrot and the stick – perform well and you get reward ‘the carrot’, break the rules or perform badly and you get a punishment ‘the stick’. … Continue reading

What footprints will you leave?

Many years ago, I worked for an HR Director who was fixated by this question; he asked this question frequently of himself & those around him.  It was thought provoking then and twenty years on, I find myself regularly, using … Continue reading